maandag 16 maart 2015

Warcon 27: Some Pictures

Here are some pictures of the Warcon 27 event in Gentbrugge (next to Ghent, Belgium) that I attended last Saturday. Bigger than any previous year but more cramped as well and a good selection of traders with a few from the UK returning after a few years absence.

The main entrance to the building, first time it was used for the event, hosting a big game table...

... the slightly too little second hand corner where I made more money than I spent...

... and a few traders too (with the smell of charred MDF filling up the corner).

The side hall, other years every club had a table you could walk around, pretty cramped conditions this year!

Our little contribution, a Flames of War table. The panzers are still smoking after my decisive victory (and some hot rolls of the dice)

The main hall, once again packed as tight as possible.

The inevitable Napoleonic game, Quatre Bras in 28mm by the Stipsicz Hussars.

The Alde Garde with a "what if" pike and shot battle in Holland in 1507...

... with a little nudge and a wink to our local fast food culture: the "frituur" (chips/fries shack) added to a corner of the battlefield. Armies marching on their stomach and all that :-)

French and Indians attacking a British fort. Dang, If only I remembered what war that was again... Ah well, a beautiful table anyway.

Market Garden: Oosterbeek

My fellow club members Lucien (back) and Henri (front) get an introduction to the Battlegroup rules.

Another great day of looking, gaming, chatting (and buying)... So, when is Warcon 28???

Happy painting and gaming!!!

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