woensdag 18 maart 2015

Warcon 27: Shop till You Drop!

With a only recently abandoned plan to visit Salute this year, I had a lot of money that I had been putting aside for that trip waiting to be repurposed? Did I do the sensible thing and put that money on my savings account? Or did I decide to go wild at Warcon instead?
Those were purely rethorical questions of  course...

When I left the big shopping bag in the center was filled to capacity with stuff to sell at the bring and buy, when I got back the few items left hardly filled the carrier bag at the left.

The plan was to go wild on scenery (check) and on airbrush paints. As there were no traders who had a good assortment of airbrush paints, I just went double wild on scenery... Even though I was expecting delivery of my airbrush set, I still went mostly for the 4Ground range. I already have quite a bit of it so this will give a more uniform table. Read more about it here.

Even more scenery from the Renedra range: their barn (a nice kit to practice my airbrushing on) and some packs of fences... you can never have enough fences...
When it came to figures, I didn't really plan on buying any. I have pretty much everything I need for the project that interest me at this time. Naturally I didn't go away empty handed, or what did you think? But the PSC anti tank gun set plugs one of the few remaining holes in my 15mm Russian army as they can also be built as infantry guns. Pretty much the only option I'm missing when building an infantry battlion in Flames of War.
And with Stonewall Figures running a "buy five get one free" deal on their 20mm vehicles, I had to pick up some of them. While they are not the best vehicle kits on the market I'm pretty forgiving when they go at £3.85 each. Some of them are hard if not impossible to find as model kits... Anyone see an Airfix T38 lately?


And being all early war vehicles they tie in nicely with Battlegroup Barbarossa. The collection is complete (for about a month or so and then Blitzkrieg is released) and I still have to play my first game... At least there are a few other club members interested in this game... Also for early war I picked up the France and Allies book for Bolt action.
And to finish the early war them I stumbled across "Britain's Wonderful Fighting Forces" in a box of old book at the Stonewall stand. No date of publication is mentioned but given the introduction mentions the declaration of war on September 3rd 1939 and no fighting is mentioned I guess this book was published during the Phoney War!!! What a find, I really like books like that.

And that leaves the bring and buy finds... Eastern Front Solitaire, still in the shrinkwrap... Bloodbowl for the PC... A bunch of sourcebooks for the Torg RPG. At just one Euro each I bought them mostly as inspiration for scenarios... a LotR Mordor Troll and last but not least one of the few Confrontation Wolfen characters missing from my collection.

So in case you are wondering, no, the Salute money didn't end up on my savings account :-)

Happy painting and gaming!!!
(I'll be stuck glueing MDF for now)

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