maandag 23 januari 2012

Good news, bad news and WTF!!!

Just a quick update on the Dwarf King's Hold dungeon project...

First the good news:

The first batch of tiles for scenario 4 has reached "playable without having to apologize for not being unpainted" state. Still far from finished, still needs more painting, drybrushing and varnishing, but it looks good enough as it is.

Then there is the bad news:

The next batch of bases and I still need to saw a few more (five, mostly small ones). In the time between taking the picture and writing this, I managed to complete the 6 by 4 room. So the news isn't as bad anymore.

But I grossly underestimated the amount of tiles I needed to cast. I've got 50 of them on the heater, drying and from the inventory I made I will need another 66 to finish the entire set of tiles. Without miscasts that another 11 times...

Now where did I leave that bag of plaster???

dinsdag 17 januari 2012

Hard Hat Area

As I said, I've been hard at work on my project list, or at least the Dwarf King's hold part of it anyway. For some reason the "buy Green Menace" part was the easiest by far... Last Friday's game didn't happen because it seems I'm too stupid to read the club calendar (and yes Stef, so are you for not correcting me :-p )

At least the dungeon construction is proceeding quite rapidly and by the time we get together for that game of DKH we will be playing it on my homemade terrain.

Here is about half the setup for scenario four in various stages of completion. All rooms and corridors will be at least painted with a first coat of grey. Bottle of paint permitting, it will be empty pretty soon so I need to find someone online who sells Foundry paints without the Foundry shipping charges.

The plaster tiles are glued on some left over pieces of 3mm acrylic sheet that I found at work and apart from two more rooms, I've got all the pieces for this scenario ready. Now all I need to do is cast another 70 or so tiles... All???

Constructing the walls will be the second phase for this project and right now I'm not even wanting to consider the amount of casting that will be needed to get a dungeon this size walled up.

More updates soon(ish)

donderdag 12 januari 2012


Maelstrom games just kept bugging me about their January sale and even decided to extend it when they saw I hadn't ordered anything yet... How can you keep saying no, I'm not made of stone after all?

So I ordered a copy of Dwarf King's Hold: Green menace. This means I'm well on track when it comes to the top item on my projects list (see my previous post). Not only did I order the expansion but I have been working all week on the 3D scenery (sawing, casting, glueing, painting, more on that in another post) and tomorrow I'll be playing it at the club.

A good start to the new gaming year;

woensdag 4 januari 2012

What's this? A blog? And it's mine? Not Again...

Has it really been this long? Guess real life has been sucking the errm... life out of me even more than I thought...

Not that gaming was out of the picture completely, there still were the (irregular) club nights, drooling over the glossy magazines and attending the usual wargame shows (and a visit to Salute as well) and the unavoidable "ooh shiny" moments. I'm happy to say that those moments didn't get acted upon though... most of the time anyway. And those that did were limited to buying a set of rules only, my lead version of Mt Everest is able to supply most figures anyway.

But the time has come to perform some CPR on this blog and my hobby in general. I'm not planning on starting anything big for the foreseeable future, but I'm sure that when I finish typing what I do plan to do/am interested in, I'll be cursing myself (again).

  • Dwarf King's Hold from Mantic games: play some more games, work on some 3D terrain, buy the first expansion .
  • Wait for Project Pandora from Mantic Games: a SF twin to the above, slated for an April release.
  • While waiting for the above, maybe dig out my copy of Space Hulk (Stef?).
  • SAGA: I knew I bought those Foundry Vikings for something back then...
  • Ganesha Games: play some more of their excellent skirmish games.
  • Wait for the Napoleonic and fantasy mass battle games from Ganesha Games, due any moment now
  • Flames of War: sort out my Blitzkrieg Commander Russian army and join the others playing at the club (playing FoW in 6mm looks a lot better).
  • Start playing something from Two Hour Wargames.
All things considered, I guess the main issue will be time... The only things I don't own already are the Mantic games and a few PDFs from Ganesha Games.

Stay tuned!

Ctrl-Alt-Del: the Day after Crisis

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