maandag 23 januari 2012

Good news, bad news and WTF!!!

Just a quick update on the Dwarf King's Hold dungeon project...

First the good news:

The first batch of tiles for scenario 4 has reached "playable without having to apologize for not being unpainted" state. Still far from finished, still needs more painting, drybrushing and varnishing, but it looks good enough as it is.

Then there is the bad news:

The next batch of bases and I still need to saw a few more (five, mostly small ones). In the time between taking the picture and writing this, I managed to complete the 6 by 4 room. So the news isn't as bad anymore.

But I grossly underestimated the amount of tiles I needed to cast. I've got 50 of them on the heater, drying and from the inventory I made I will need another 66 to finish the entire set of tiles. Without miscasts that another 11 times...

Now where did I leave that bag of plaster???

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