woensdag 31 december 2008

Final Hours of 2008

Even in these last hour before the "Less, More, More" plan officially starts I've been doing some small paint jobs and I cleared away some more of the stuff that I don't see myself doing anything with in the foreseeable future. A few figs that were already painted to a certain degree were left standing on the battlefield... the rest will be spending time in the closets.

This leaves me now with:
-Perry plastics ACW
-Great War Miniatures late WW1 Brits
-GHQ late WW2 Russians
-Foundry cop and Black Cat Bases street scenery
-Bloodbowl high elves and referee
-Hydra Miniatures pulp SF
-Confrontation Wolfen
-15mm WW2 Russian infantry squad
-Infinity Haq'Islam

The only thing that will be joining those are the 10 Perry Peninsular Brits in 40mm, those were ordered before I came up with the LMM programme. I'll be working my way through what is on the painting table, adding "new" figs on a 1 to 2 ratio. Two finished, one new. And the new figs will be aimed at a project I am working on. For the coming month or so I guess that would be some fantasy for Songs of Blades and Heroes and/or more cops for Guns and Girls (Chain Reaction). Both games needing very few figs and little time to play, ideal for club nights.

Enjoy the festivities and see you guys next year!

maandag 29 december 2008

Diving Ever Deeper into the Blogosphere...

As I slowly but surely explore this region of the internet, I keep bumping into blogs by gamers who seem to suffer from ULS as well. Gamers who have come to the same solution as I did...

The first blog I ran into was Bren's Wargaming which gave me some nice ideas about solo gaming with Songs of Blades and Heroes while using my old metal Confrontation figs. I have tons of them, but nearly none painted... I then looked at the blogs Bren is following.

Leading me to Patrick's Hobby Shed, and here his New Year's resolution caught my attention. Another gamer dedicating himself to less buying, more painting and playing. A nice blog with lots of VSF (have that stashed), Zombies (huh, no zombies stashed, weird) and a fellow Lardie (player of Toofatlardies games).

Patrick then steered me towards A Year of Frugal Gaming with, you guessed it... more of the same. And the reactions to one of the posts then got me to The Ooh Shiny Complex. The first post with his mission statement (less, more, more) just leaps out at me. His conversations with his buddy Steve are just exactly the same as I have with my gaming buddie... Stef!

I'll be keeping an eye on all these blogs as my support group while I try to follow the Less, More, More way of wargaming life.

Have a cheap but filled gaming year, guys!

zaterdag 27 december 2008

Blitzkrieg Commander Week

Last Tuesday we held a BKC day at our club, the first time I played the game. A rather enjoyable game as I discovered. The basic mechanics of the game are easy enough, allowing you to focus on the tactics rather than the rules. Of course, winning the game most likely helped raising the enjoyment factor a few notches ;-)

It was a straight up 2000 point meeting engagement without artillery or air support. I played late war Russian vs Germans. Damn, those T34/85s rock! Better range, more attacks, more hits than the average German tank. After about two turns all but one of the StuG were destroyed, the last one being on a side of the battlefield that was rather dormant throughout the game. My opponent managed only two activations in the first six turns, leaving me to concentrate on the center and left flanks.

Tomorrow I'll be going to play as late war German vs Brits in a demo game we'll be playing at the open door of "The Heavy Brigade", another wargames club in Belgium. I'll be using our club presidents troops as my Russians still have a long way to go to be demo game quality. As you can see in the picture. But slowly they are getting painted...

maandag 22 december 2008

Humble Beginnings

Hi everybody!

My name is Ludo and I suffer from Unpainted Lead Syndrome (ULS for short).

For those of you who have no idea what this means: I am a wargamer who is sitting on a pile of unpainted figures that I accumulated over the years.
Like many other wargamers I have problems focusing on a limited number of eras and/or scales. Looking through wargames magazines or visiting The Miniatures Page leads way too often to the purchase of yet another range/period/scale.

The last year or two I have managed to cut down and I sold quite a bit of stuff. And I bought a lot less than I used to. And (New Years resolution alert!) from now on I will cut back even more. I will go through the pile of lead and plastic and work my way through these while building up some finished forces for the different games I've been wanting to play... Big words indeed!

On the picture you can see my painting desk. Other than the 10 40mm Napoleonic Peninsular Brits from the Perry twins that are on their way right now, nothing new will be placed on it untill something else is finished.

What's on it for the moment?
- Perry miniatures ACW
- Great War Miniatures late WWI British
- GHQ late war Russians
- Bloodbowl High Elf team and referee
- Phoenix miniatures SG1 and Jaffa
- Modern scenery and Foundry cop with shotgun
- Pulp SF troopers
- Confrontation Wolfen, Kelts and a Griffon
- Helldorado Saracen
- Infinity haq'islam
- 2 US Stryker ICV and a M113
- Assorted free giveaway miniatures
- Warhammer hounds of Khorne
- Some Warmachine Cygnars

Hi, my name is Ludo and I suffer from ULS...

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