woensdag 31 december 2008

Final Hours of 2008

Even in these last hour before the "Less, More, More" plan officially starts I've been doing some small paint jobs and I cleared away some more of the stuff that I don't see myself doing anything with in the foreseeable future. A few figs that were already painted to a certain degree were left standing on the battlefield... the rest will be spending time in the closets.

This leaves me now with:
-Perry plastics ACW
-Great War Miniatures late WW1 Brits
-GHQ late WW2 Russians
-Foundry cop and Black Cat Bases street scenery
-Bloodbowl high elves and referee
-Hydra Miniatures pulp SF
-Confrontation Wolfen
-15mm WW2 Russian infantry squad
-Infinity Haq'Islam

The only thing that will be joining those are the 10 Perry Peninsular Brits in 40mm, those were ordered before I came up with the LMM programme. I'll be working my way through what is on the painting table, adding "new" figs on a 1 to 2 ratio. Two finished, one new. And the new figs will be aimed at a project I am working on. For the coming month or so I guess that would be some fantasy for Songs of Blades and Heroes and/or more cops for Guns and Girls (Chain Reaction). Both games needing very few figs and little time to play, ideal for club nights.

Enjoy the festivities and see you guys next year!

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