dinsdag 3 juni 2014

Junk, junk, junk, Ooooh

So last Sunday I decided to head into town for a stroll around the weekly car boot sale. And as usual it lived up to its (Dutch) name. You guys call it a car boot sale, we call it a "rommelmarkt" or junk market. Why people bother to bring most of that crap along, week after week, I've never understood it.

But every once in a while there are some interesting things to be found for a wargamer. A friend of mine once came across some old WH40K boxes and gave me a call. Picked up a box of Squats, a trio of Rhinos and two boxes of Imperial Guard for 50€. The really old ones... Sold one box of Guard for around 75€ on ebay after some serious bidding.

This time it was my turn to dig something out of the junk. Suddenly I saw this carry case with what, from a distance' looked like GW plastic figures (Ah, the trained eye of th wargamer :-) ). 
A quick inspection showed a bunch of LotR figures, some assorted metal figures, some of them "painted", and some prepainted plastic figures. Now came the all important question, what did the seller want for the whole bunch?

So, 10€ and a quick sorting session later I found I had bought a good 60 LotR figures (after chucking out some broken ones) including a full set of Wood Elves and a few metal ones that I didn't already have in my collection.
The non LotR metal figures were an assortment of old school stuff, dating back to the 88-90 period by the marks on the bases. A mixture of GW generic RPG characters, Chaos champions and skeletons... a few Harlequin Dwarves... more RPG characters by Ral Partha and some Goblins and Orcs? from Dungeons and Dragons (going by the TSR, manufacterd by Ral Partha markings)

But then there re always some unidentified miniatures left. Judging by the paint job and the metal I think the left hand dragon is not a wargaming model, but a decorative thingy... the right hand dragon had no markings on the base...

The Bishop is marked with "HP 88" on the base... the swordfighter doesn't quite match with any of the other metal figures. With its massive metal base and the amount of detail it has, I'm thinking this started life as something else than a wargame figure as well.

And finally there were also some 30 prepainted figures marked "2005 Wizards" on the base... Always good for a quick Songs of Blades and Heroes warband and some wandering monsters.

If you recognize any of the unidentified figures, please leave a comment.

Happy painting and gaming!

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