zondag 17 augustus 2014

Oh Boy!

In my ever continuing quest to get some more order in my (un)painted pile I came across one of Aldi's recent weekly specials: foldable cardboard boes with 6 drawers that are about A5 size. After digging through the pile I managed to get 5 sets in black and grey, for some reason I didn't find the flower or Lego block prints they also had on offer as suitable for my games room.

Recently I have been thinking about what project to start up with whatever I have stashed away both miniatures and rules wise. Nothing new, just living of the land you might say :-) And I had already decided to go with DBA: small armies, I have the rules, I have a pile of plastic 1/72nd scale minis...

And with a five day weekend, I dug out the bags of miniatures and the army lists and got a stack of beer coasters and PVA on standby... And this is the result:

Each row of drawers is an army, the one at the table's edge holding the BDA army, other drawers hold the surplus, leading up to future DBM(M), Fog, Impetus armies. Two of the ten armies are really just the odd bo of figures I picked up at a bring and buy and are nowhere near close to playable, and my ancient Indians and Spanish need the odd general on elephant or cavalry element to complete the DBA army. This leaves me with a Sumerian, Nubian, New Kingdom Egypt, Sea Peoples, Gallic and Carthaginian army, all ready to take to the field.

While getting all this organized, I kept a running total of all the figures I dug up... Quite breathtaking by the end: 804 men, 112 horses, 6 elephants and 17 chariots or 939 plastic figures! Yikes!!!! Ah well, at least I didn't get into 4 digits :-) Oops, nearly forgot, my 20mm metal Indians... that's another 157 figures... four digits after all :-(

Ah well, time to brush up on my Barkerese (if ever you read DB* rulebook, you know what I mean) and learn the rules.

Oh, and welcome to my newest followers, bit surprising given my long silences here, I hope you'll find something entertaining or interesting here every once in a while...

Happy painting and gaming (and possibly hoarding) everybody!

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