woensdag 25 november 2015

Paint Table Saturday(ish) 10: Surprised?

Admit it, you must be surprised to see me again after more than seven months... Yikes, seven months... and nothing to show for painting wise. That last handfull of Russians? Still there just as I left them after finishing my last post. Oddly enough, just as I was about to finish those last troops, I lost all interest in FoW. Haven't played a game of it since then. Not that I have stopped miniature gaming all together, many a battle of Confrontation, Star Wars and lately Kings of War has been fought.

The post is called Saturday(ish) mostly because the picture was taken on Sunday, not so much because I only got around to posting it half a week late.

In the last few weeks I did return to painting just a little bit. I had some 15mm plaster walls that I got around to. In the background, the abandoned Russians. And in the foreground, the project that got me painting again: a small platoon of early war French from Peter Pig for Bolt Action and in a later stage Battlegroup Blitzkrieg. I picked those up at this year's Crisis show in Antwerp and after putting together another pile of 4Ground MDF buildings I cleaned up and based the first few riflemen and got out the paintbrushes again. At the time of writing I have been slowly working away on those and the next few figures are about to join them.
Untill next time (no promises about when :-)  )
Happy painting and gaming!

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