maandag 26 mei 2014

Staycation: the Prelude

A word that I ran into today on some website and the timing couldn't be more appropriate: staycation... or a "stay at home vacation". With two long weekends coming up (only good thing about religion: all the official holidays :-) ) and my regular free Wednesdays I'm able to take a good two weeks of vacation for only the tiniest amount of vacation days. As part of all that quality time I'm looking to do some virtual gardening, time to remove some of the tumbleweed that has been accumulating here.

And as the beginning of the staycation coincides with the arrival of the latest issue of Battlegames, what better way to begin the R&R with a combination of couch, magazine and a beer... As long as I don't catch a case of "Ooooh, Shiny" syndrome.

Ctrl-Alt-Del: the Day after Crisis

What better time to restart this blog than what is to me the watershed moment of the gaming year: the Crisis show by the Tin Soldiers of Ant...