zondag 4 juni 2017

Eleventh of Fifteen: MonkeyCon Blitz Visit

On my way home from a holiday abroad I was able to do a quick whirlwind stop at MonkeyCon, the first games show hosted by our friends The Wargaming Monkeys from Leuven (Louvain) in Belgium.

One of the first things to check at a wargames show: the bring and buy... While looking at a crate that had a couple of bags of resin houses at 20€ per bag the seller, without any prompting from my part, offered everything in the crate, and the crate itself for 30€. The advantage of showing up at a show after 15,00 I guess. And as if I didn't have enough tanks yet... I got a FoW box of KV-1S for the ludicrous sum of 15€. Resin at Zvezda prices, what's not to like?

So I ended up with a FoW artillery template (didn't really have one) a pair of bunkers and 11!!! resin houses. Seven of those are two story buildings, 5 small squarish ones and two longer ones, the other 4 are larger three story buildings. Very easy to put together and full of gorgeous detail. Definitely a great buy.

And the rules/40K fluff collector/ hoarder in me scored too... with 8th edition two weeks out, everybody seems to want to get rid of their 7th ed codex books at silly prices. Golden days for me, though the wallet might disagree. Silly price time many books... you do the math :-)

And in an effort to throw the traders a bone and see a second edition of the show I picked up the second edition of the Bolt Action German army book and a couple of dice sets so I won't have to depend on my adversary having two sets himself. Some hard plastic scenery sets, there is no such thing as too much scenery...
And from my FLGS's bargain bin: the "buy a dropzone rulebook get a starter army free" deal upped to buy one get one free... I gor a UCM and Scourge starter set, trading the Scourge with a fellow club member who is going to give me the UCM from his two player starter box in return. Giving him a chance to play that game after years of gathering dust.

Well, after that whirlwind tour, the money I didn't spend during my vacation was well and truly gone.

As always, happy painting and gaming!!!

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