zondag 5 februari 2012

January into February

January Overview

About the only regret I have looking back at the past month is that I didn't get any games played due to my inability to read a calendar, snow, flu... Other than that I'm a very happy gamer. I returned to the hobby after a rather lengthy hibernation period by reviving this blog and getting a shortlist of projects drawn up. With quite a bit of succes.

Pretty much all my time was devoted to Mantic Games' Dwarf King's Hold game, as you can read in my previous posts. Building this dungeon has been a victory of sorts: working for a whole month on a single project is quite an achievement for me. Though as the construction part is winding down (and at last I ran out of plaster) I'am looking forward to do something else...

It has been a rather expensive month, but with the annual club fees that was to be expected. Shopping for new stuff was limited and targeted, same for Ebay: a few back Issues of Captain's Logs for Starfleet Battles (costing me several times more on shipping than the actual items).

DKH Green Menace: 36.41
Magazines: 26.87
Ebay 10.74
Drums and Shakos Large Battles: 7.72
Club Fees 25.00
Beer and Pretzels 11.10

Total 117.84€ (yikes!)

February Plans

Errrm... Spend less??? By buying most of my magazines through Maelstrom, I'll be saving about half (High street magazine agents ask waaaay too much for foreign magazines). I have no plans for getting any new (boxed) games and will only be looking for some small odds and ends to complete ongoing projects.

I ran into a post on Fenris Games on TMP or TGN and checked out their Ebay store, and placed a small order for some barrels (I need these for my dungeon project) and a pair of Porta Potties (?) to add to my modern/zombie scenery collection. If they're any good, I'll probably order some more from this company, they have some interesting scenery items for reasonable prices.

Projectwise, I'll keep slaving on my dungeon but I Intend to start going through my WW Russian GHQ collection and start organising my FoW army. I'll have to paint up some more infantry but I'm looking forward to that. After the monotony of a grey dungeon, those Russkies will look as colourfull as an EE Space Marines Chapter :-)

And games? Play that elusive fourth scenario from DKH... Come hell or high water (or snow)...
Get a set of cards for Combat Cards and give the solo zombie scenario a go. For more info on this game, check out Mik's blog, he has a review and some AARs that got me interested in this game.

Happy gaming everybody and stay tuned!

And a Hi there! to the new followers of this blog...

Welcome to the Dungeon

Here it is in all its glory: the dungeon for scenario 4 of Dwarf King's Hold. Getting it ready for last Friday's game called for a lot of last minute painting (the construction crew suffered from a flu outbreak, shutting down operations for several days), but sadly, it was not to be...
With a snow front moving over the country on Friday afternoon shutting down the roads and my friend coming down with the flu as well, my dungeon has yet to see first blood being spilt in its dank corridors :-(

With my construction crew back on their feet, work on the last parts of the tile set is coming along nicely. All the bases have been sawn, all the tiles have been cast and only the big 6 by 6 room, one of the odd shaped ones and a small room need to glued (and painted and sprayed and aaaaaarrrrgggghhhh...)

And when that is done, there are only (who am I kidding, only???) many many many feet of walls to be made. But WYSIWYG, that's all the bricks I have available for this as I ran out of plaster an hour or two ago, woohoo.
And I'm not planning on getting a new one in the near future :-)

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