zondag 5 februari 2012

Welcome to the Dungeon

Here it is in all its glory: the dungeon for scenario 4 of Dwarf King's Hold. Getting it ready for last Friday's game called for a lot of last minute painting (the construction crew suffered from a flu outbreak, shutting down operations for several days), but sadly, it was not to be...
With a snow front moving over the country on Friday afternoon shutting down the roads and my friend coming down with the flu as well, my dungeon has yet to see first blood being spilt in its dank corridors :-(

With my construction crew back on their feet, work on the last parts of the tile set is coming along nicely. All the bases have been sawn, all the tiles have been cast and only the big 6 by 6 room, one of the odd shaped ones and a small room need to glued (and painted and sprayed and aaaaaarrrrgggghhhh...)

And when that is done, there are only (who am I kidding, only???) many many many feet of walls to be made. But WYSIWYG, that's all the bricks I have available for this as I ran out of plaster an hour or two ago, woohoo.
And I'm not planning on getting a new one in the near future :-)

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  1. This is looking pretty top notch. Now you've got me looking at Dwarf King's Hold...just looking, but still!


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