woensdag 1 april 2015

Barbarossa 2: Some Progress

After the MDF madness, I started painting figures again... I had been going through another dry spell for a bit, but after constructing all that scenery I am eager to get some more miniatures finished.

And while I thought painting these Heroics and Ross would be a quick affair (not a lot of detail, right?) I did spend more time on them than I had anticipated. Once the first coat of paint went on, all kinds of details like ammo pouches appeared. In the end they turned out a lot better than I imagined.

Anyway, that's the infantry bases for my Panzerschuetzen platoon taken care of, now I'll do the last details on their halftracks. I need to order a few more bits for the command and support weapon stands, but other than that I'll have another unit slot filled in my Barbarossa army.

See you in a few days,

Happy painting and gaming!

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