zondag 29 maart 2015

Paint Table Saturday 7 - Back to Barbarossa

Still Saturday somewhere on the planet, so for once I'm on time :-)

With the unglued wood pile out of the way and after some reorganizing and clearing of the painting room and desk (yet again) I'm back to painting!!!

I cleaned up the Heroics and Ross infantry for my Barbarossa project, mounted them on bases and started painting. When I have completed this infantry platoon, I only have the StuKa left to paint and then I can order wave three for this army.
Aftermuch delibirations and changes of heart I'll be going for a heavy Flak battery and all the bits and vehicles needed to make an HQ for an armoured infantry company and the second platoon of infantry. That way I'll be able to choose between two army lists and have more choice between supporting assets... I'm even able to include one for the infantry list with that order: a pair of SIG33's. Five quid will allow you to buy an amazing amount of stuff at Heroics and Ross.

Happy painting and gaming!!!

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