zondag 29 maart 2015

MDF Madness Marathon 3 - The Finish Line

At last, very early last Monday morning (there is an upside to insomnia apparently) I glued the last of the dormers and the chimney to roof of the La Haye Sainte farmhouse, last building of my stash of 4Ground buildings... Just over a week to complete all that scenery.

OK I could have finished earlier but another purchase at Warcon 27 had me stuck behind my computer for way too much time. While faster than a real game of Bloodbowl, the PC version still takes quite a bit of time to play a single game and let's just say I played more matches than I planned (you know, just one more, then I'll stop...)

At last, no more blackened fingertips or the smelled of charred wood...

My pre Warcon 27 collection of 4Ground, the result of picking up one or two at a show over the last two years.

And now pretty much triple the size in a single day (not considering construction)
Want to know the worst of it all? I still have more stuff I "need"... the church, those corner shops,... Will the madness ever stop?

Happy painting and Gaming!!!

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