zaterdag 18 april 2015

Paint Table Saturday 9: The Final Push

Last time you and I were confronted with an as good as empty painting table and me not really sure what to do next... The week after that I put the finishing touches on a couple of guns, some more 15mm Russians, a bunch of 6mm SU-85s, catching up with some odds and ends....
And I also started (and completed) a few 15 Russian gun crew bringing me back to my seriously depleted stash of FoW Russki's... With only about fourty figures left from the infantry gun kit and a Maxim platoon (and there should also be one or two bailed out tank crew somewhere...) left, I decided the time has come for the Final Push and claim victory over my Russian infantry models.

So this week I started cleaning and prepping some of them and made some nice progress towards the objective even though it got stalled for a few days. And the (at last) nice weather is delaying operations a bit too, the inevitable yearly power washing of the deck and other garden chores need getting done too. But once the big jobs were done, out came my mini painting station and last post's Stormtrooper (excellent kit btw, no Star Wars fan should be without one :-) ).

Hope you are having a beautiful weekend with some nice weather too. See you next time!

Happy painting and gaming!!!

donderdag 16 april 2015

And now for something completely different...

Nothing to do with wargaming (well, maybe when they release some Rebel Alliance troops) but just something "ooh shiny" I wanted to show to you...

A Bandai 1/12 scale Imperial Stormtrooper model... Pom pom pom popopom :-)

Lots of parts, poseable joints and several weapon options, what's not to like?

Banday have started releasing a range of new Star Wars kits both in 1/12 with (currently) this Stormtroopers and Darth Vader (going on the must buy list) and 1/72 kits of fighters like the X-Wing and TIE with bases modelled as the Death Star surface.
I haven't seen them in stores in Belgium yet so I got this one through ebay, whole the way from Japan itself. Even with shipping that was the cheapest option, none of the European sellers could beat this for just the kit! Let alone shipping. So if you are looking to get one yourself, search for Tokyo-Hobby on ebay...
Happy painting and gaming!!!

zondag 5 april 2015

Paint Table Saturday 8: Tumbleweed Alert

A tad late... again, but within reasonable margins... So, since my last post I finished three command stands and the halftracks for my Barbarossa project, leaving me with this:

A vaste expanse of well, not much at all really... The last thing to paint before I can send in my next order for Barbarossa is the Stuka, here getting ready to have the wheels glued on. And thrown in at the last minute, a few crewman from the PSC Russian 45mm ATG set...
With no "must finish X before next club night" pressure on me I'll be surprising myself over the coming week as to what I'll be pulling out of the "nearly finished and long abandoned" pile... Dwarf cannons? Russian ATGs? Scooby and the Gang? Be sure to come back and see...

Happy painting and gaming!!!

woensdag 1 april 2015

Barbarossa 2: Some Progress

After the MDF madness, I started painting figures again... I had been going through another dry spell for a bit, but after constructing all that scenery I am eager to get some more miniatures finished.

And while I thought painting these Heroics and Ross would be a quick affair (not a lot of detail, right?) I did spend more time on them than I had anticipated. Once the first coat of paint went on, all kinds of details like ammo pouches appeared. In the end they turned out a lot better than I imagined.

Anyway, that's the infantry bases for my Panzerschuetzen platoon taken care of, now I'll do the last details on their halftracks. I need to order a few more bits for the command and support weapon stands, but other than that I'll have another unit slot filled in my Barbarossa army.

See you in a few days,

Happy painting and gaming!

Ctrl-Alt-Del: the Day after Crisis

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