zaterdag 18 april 2015

Paint Table Saturday 9: The Final Push

Last time you and I were confronted with an as good as empty painting table and me not really sure what to do next... The week after that I put the finishing touches on a couple of guns, some more 15mm Russians, a bunch of 6mm SU-85s, catching up with some odds and ends....
And I also started (and completed) a few 15 Russian gun crew bringing me back to my seriously depleted stash of FoW Russki's... With only about fourty figures left from the infantry gun kit and a Maxim platoon (and there should also be one or two bailed out tank crew somewhere...) left, I decided the time has come for the Final Push and claim victory over my Russian infantry models.

So this week I started cleaning and prepping some of them and made some nice progress towards the objective even though it got stalled for a few days. And the (at last) nice weather is delaying operations a bit too, the inevitable yearly power washing of the deck and other garden chores need getting done too. But once the big jobs were done, out came my mini painting station and last post's Stormtrooper (excellent kit btw, no Star Wars fan should be without one :-) ).

Hope you are having a beautiful weekend with some nice weather too. See you next time!

Happy painting and gaming!!!

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