zondag 5 april 2015

Paint Table Saturday 8: Tumbleweed Alert

A tad late... again, but within reasonable margins... So, since my last post I finished three command stands and the halftracks for my Barbarossa project, leaving me with this:

A vaste expanse of well, not much at all really... The last thing to paint before I can send in my next order for Barbarossa is the Stuka, here getting ready to have the wheels glued on. And thrown in at the last minute, a few crewman from the PSC Russian 45mm ATG set...
With no "must finish X before next club night" pressure on me I'll be surprising myself over the coming week as to what I'll be pulling out of the "nearly finished and long abandoned" pile... Dwarf cannons? Russian ATGs? Scooby and the Gang? Be sure to come back and see...

Happy painting and gaming!!!

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