dinsdag 16 oktober 2012

October, week 2

Another few pieces of scenery that spent years tucked away and gathering dust. I'm pretty pleased with the demon being summoned, I built the paint up from a dark drybrush at its base to solid colours at the upper extremities to simulate it taking form in the smoke.
Some more wall pieces for the 3D dungeon got built or painted.
Not the most impressive of results, but at least I'm still painting and building stuff. And chippin' away at the unpainted pile... Last week the unpainted pile growth was -2, up a whopping 100% from the -1 of the week before last.

This week's production line: the British squad leader is pretty much done, mostly the base needs some detailing and the decals have to be added.
Most of the GHQ Russians just need only a few details (tracks)and some flock and they're finished as well. This weeks unpainted pile growth should end up in the negative double digits with nothing new ordered for now. (Bad weekend: major appliance failures and upoming car repairs/maintenance... gulp)
And the 3D dungeon project never ends. At this time I already added another pair off corner pieces to what you can see in the picture. Now it's back to casting, I'm running out off blocks quickly.

Happy gaming (and painting)

maandag 8 oktober 2012

October, week 1

With production being stopped for a few days due to a cold I didn't finish as much as I wanted.

Some walls and a tile for my dungeon project and a new piece built too, some modern scenery. And I finally got round to flocking that LotR terrain piece.
(Stop laughing over there in the Ivory Tower)

Planned for week 2: a couple of Romulan ships, a pile of crates, a deamon being summoned (by Fenryll), Aragorn, a British squad leader and painting and building even more dungeon walls. 

Happy gaming!

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