woensdag 16 maart 2016

Midweekender 2: An End to Tumbleweed Season?

So the holidays were over and it was back to work... And I couldn't find a better way to depict my hobby activities for the month of January.

You can almost hear the wind
Even though I didn't paint anything, that didn't stop me from getting new toys. My first "testing the waters" orders from QRF arrived, giving me more support options for my French infantry platoon. A bigger AT gun, a bigger tank and a couple of MMG teams. It did take a while before they arrived, but being an after regular workhours outfit and ordering during the new year's sale period, I didn't really mind. Back to the days of "please allow up to 28 days for delivery"... you're just not used to that anymore in these days of overnight delivery internet orders.
Anyway, that order was whet drew me back to the paint table. My French force being the only 100% painted force at that time, I was determined to keep it like that. No stockpiling any French figures (in 15mm at least). And I'm pretty much there again, the Char B1 only needs a camouflage pattern and the MMGs need to be added to the bases...

And as I got back up to speed, I jumped into my pile of PSC early war Germans and earlier today I got to the point that I now have platoon worth of troops ready for the invasion of pre-emptive attack on France. As per the Battlegroup Blitzkrieg rules anyway... I'll have to add another squad and a 5cm mortar to get up to Chain of Command army lists. And after that I'll have to add some more riflemen for the larger squads of the Polish campaign.
The when the picture was taken earlier today still WIP anti tank gun crews have now joined the rest in the varnishing line.

And what better way to celebrate getting a new force ready for battle? Start a new army, what else?
This month's QRF order (that's going to become a habit I fear :-) ) saw the start of my Polish army... three TK series tankettes.
While leafing through my Battlegroup Blitzkrieg book, my eye fell on one of the historical scenarios "Orlik's cockroach" pitting these three tankettes (only one of which with a 20mm gun) against a PzIV and two Pz35(t). A nice and small introduction to the Battlegroup rules.

Aaaah, so cute!
 Anyway, once the German platoon is brought up to full strength, I'll be changing from infantry to vehicles. Not only do I have those Pz35(t) to paint, I got a bit crazy when I came across an ebay seller flogging his Zvezda kits for next to nothing... And I'm already thinking of what more I need to order (as long as I'm saving money, right? )
Welcome to the motor pool

And now that I'm back at the paint table I also have something to talk about, so it's back to blogging too.

Happy painting and gaming!!!

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  1. Good show Ludo! Aren't they painted yet? As you have midweekends (I can see clearly the faces of your collegues, when you say that! :-D), it can't be taking that much time to paint them!


    1. I'm a very sloooow painter at best and those Plastic Soldier Company figures have waaaaaaay too much detail, the amount of kit those guys were lugging around, poor bastards :-)

      For the tanks I am now ready to take it to industrial levels of production... more on that on the paint table saturday I'm planning to post tomorrow.

    2. We'll have a look at them then!



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