woensdag 5 oktober 2016

Midweekender 3: Proof of Life and Impending Crisis!

Yes, I'm still alive... mostly lurking in the shadows of the miniature gaming sites, but keeping quiet and out of sight. It's been a long period of scattered periods of some painting and gaming in between long periods of not getting around to doing anything games related. And getting reacquainted with the local library hasn't helped on that front. I'll just put that down as historical research and getting ideas for fantasy settings.

Ah well, I shouldn't be too hard on myself about the long periods of inactivity. Since my last post I did manage to finish all the figures on the picture above, bringing the total of painted miniatures since Crisis to 191!!! Never before have I managed to paint that many in a year... let alone that nearly all of them are intended for only one project: Early WW2 in 15mm. With only a few packs of militia for AK47 (my only real Shiny Syndrome moment of the year) and a single 28mm finished (and no more started and abandoned).

Scooby, my only 28mm for the year

But lately I have been gaming a bit more, mainly X-Wing (that has kept my unpainted mini purchases down to an all time low) but through the magic of facebook I noticed that some members of a local club (The Golden Goblins) were looking at Chain of Command for some WW2 gaming. Sadly enough, after a continuous effort to get armies in 15mm for that game finished, they are of course looking to do that in 28mm... Just my luck. 

But then again, my miniatures collection is a bit of an elephant's graveyard where projects, my best mate's projects that is, come to die... Every time he does a clear out of his cave, things end up at my place. As did a box of Warlord Games German infantry and a pair of Tamiya 1/48 kits. One of the Goblins has another box of infantry that he isn't doing anything with, so I might just have to pick up a few blisters with support weapons and I'm in business (never, ever throw anything out).

So with Crisis in exactly a month from today, I have at least a few things to put on my shopping list. Earlier attempts were thwarted by traders deciding not to come this year (damn you Peter Pig and TSS) but it remains a short list.

  • Kings of War Historical rules
  • Republican Romans for a DBA army and a Classical Indian general on elephant to finish that DBA list
  • A few 28mm German support weapon teams
And that is basically it for want/need... I expect picking up some "based on TV" figures left and right and adding to my scenery collection, but I'm planning on mostly digging through the geological layers of my hoard to get my gaming fix (DBX, Saga, Sharpe Practice)...

And for those of you who made it all the way down here, a quick video I made unboxing a game I picked up last night at the FLGS. Putting the gaming tables next ot the clearance section... I walked right into that trap :-)

Until the next unscheduled appearance!

Happy painting and gaming!!!

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