vrijdag 26 mei 2017

Second and Third of Fifteen: Easy Does It

A couple of slow days, hobby related at least... Summer came early this year, coinciding with my time off work so that means time gets spent on the garden, both working and just enjoying the fine weather. Some of that enjoying did include the Armageddon rulebook I picked up two days ago and brushing up on the Dark Eldar fluff...

One of my many DBx forces: a later Carthaginian force

On day two I did catch the start of Beasts of War's Hobby Night Live and while the guys were discussing how to build their Kattegat table, I was busy painting the bases of my Carthaginian DBx force. I guess it's been a year or two ago that I organized my massive 1/72 plastic collection and glued them onto beer mats to at least have playable forces, even if they were unpainted. But that was about it. Plans were formulated to do some solo games, but so far that hasn't come to pass. I did pick up one of those "grass mats" that pop up every year in Aldi and Lidl and cut one to a 3 by 3 foot playing field and have stocked up on other items to make the needed scenery items.

It looks just that little bit better on the tabletop.
But now things are about to happen. One of my fellow club members said he wants to give DBA a try after my vacation. So I will be painting the bases of a couple of armies, it does make a huge visual difference, even if the figures haven't any paint on them. In the coming weeks I'll have to check the rules again to prepare the scenery pieces we'll need.

But that will have to wait just a bit longer as right now I'm getting ready for Fourth of Fifteen (and beyond). Stay tuned to find out more...

As always, happy painting and gaming!

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