zaterdag 3 januari 2009

Less, More, More - First Steps

Well, I just finished slapping a coat of varnish on the first few finished figs for this year. For the moment they'll have to make do with Vallejo satin gloss varnish until temperatures climb back to spray painting levels and I'll be able to give them a coat of mat varnish as well.

The figures are a pair of Perry plastics ACW and the scenery items are from Black Cat Bases.

That leaves plenty of stuff on the table though (about 200 28mm figs seems right) but in my finish two, take one out of storage doctrine I took two more simple pieces of scenery to the table.

Also planned for the weekend: a quick solo game of Songs of Blades and Heroes to get a feel for the rules. Next Friday at the club I'll be doing another one, the first real game of the year...
Operation LMM is now well under way...

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  1. Three days into the year and four figures painted; that is a good start. Well done.


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