maandag 29 december 2008

Diving Ever Deeper into the Blogosphere...

As I slowly but surely explore this region of the internet, I keep bumping into blogs by gamers who seem to suffer from ULS as well. Gamers who have come to the same solution as I did...

The first blog I ran into was Bren's Wargaming which gave me some nice ideas about solo gaming with Songs of Blades and Heroes while using my old metal Confrontation figs. I have tons of them, but nearly none painted... I then looked at the blogs Bren is following.

Leading me to Patrick's Hobby Shed, and here his New Year's resolution caught my attention. Another gamer dedicating himself to less buying, more painting and playing. A nice blog with lots of VSF (have that stashed), Zombies (huh, no zombies stashed, weird) and a fellow Lardie (player of Toofatlardies games).

Patrick then steered me towards A Year of Frugal Gaming with, you guessed it... more of the same. And the reactions to one of the posts then got me to The Ooh Shiny Complex. The first post with his mission statement (less, more, more) just leaps out at me. His conversations with his buddy Steve are just exactly the same as I have with my gaming buddie... Stef!

I'll be keeping an eye on all these blogs as my support group while I try to follow the Less, More, More way of wargaming life.

Have a cheap but filled gaming year, guys!

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