zaterdag 27 december 2008

Blitzkrieg Commander Week

Last Tuesday we held a BKC day at our club, the first time I played the game. A rather enjoyable game as I discovered. The basic mechanics of the game are easy enough, allowing you to focus on the tactics rather than the rules. Of course, winning the game most likely helped raising the enjoyment factor a few notches ;-)

It was a straight up 2000 point meeting engagement without artillery or air support. I played late war Russian vs Germans. Damn, those T34/85s rock! Better range, more attacks, more hits than the average German tank. After about two turns all but one of the StuG were destroyed, the last one being on a side of the battlefield that was rather dormant throughout the game. My opponent managed only two activations in the first six turns, leaving me to concentrate on the center and left flanks.

Tomorrow I'll be going to play as late war German vs Brits in a demo game we'll be playing at the open door of "The Heavy Brigade", another wargames club in Belgium. I'll be using our club presidents troops as my Russians still have a long way to go to be demo game quality. As you can see in the picture. But slowly they are getting painted...

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