zondag 15 maart 2015

MDF Madness Marathon

After yesterday's visit to Warcon 27 (more on that later) I am now looking at having to build an insane amount of 4Ground MDF scenery. My house and fingertips will be smelling of charred wood for the foreseeable future :-) 

Four sets of terraced houses, a large hotel and the La Haye Sainte set, thinking big obviously.
The La Haye Sainte set is chock full of stuff, why did they bother putting in two tiny pieces of bubblewrap in? It's not like anything would be rattling in that box without them. Notice the ziplock bag with clothespens and rubber bands... just that little extra touch.

Only Japanese trains are packed tighter than this set!

With 4 main buildings and loads of smaller buildings, walls and even a pond and sand pit I'm very happy that they are all packed seperately. Well, better get out the PVA glue and put on a Meeples and Miniatures podcast or two.

Where do I start?
More on Warcon 27 and MDF madness to follow, so stay tuned!

Happy painting glueing and gaming!

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