zondag 1 maart 2015

Paint Table Saturday 6

And again it has been a few weeks since the last installment... This time it were Isaac Asimov's books that kept me away from the painting table while I was rereading his series of Robot books, the first part of his history of the future as mentioned in his foreword to "Prelude to Foundation". I actually wanted to read the Foundation series again, but after that foreword I just had to go and dive into the full fourteen books. Good thing I'm missing the Empire part of the Robot/Empire/Foundation series or I still wouldn't be painting today. I did find the set on eBay and will be ordering them so in about a week it'll be bye bye brushes again I guess.

Before my reading break I finished the 6mm vehicles I was working on and I started prepping some of the 15mm vehicles I need for next Friday's game... I'll have to go back to my previous army list as there is no way I'll get those to a base coated state by then. So I'm going to continue finishing all my near complete Soviet tanks and SPGs in the next few days and then move back to my Barbarossa project for a bit. 

One other project I got around to was making a small painting station from a few bits I had laying around. Ideal to move away from the painting desk while "watching" some old war movie or enjoying the sunshine in the garden (soonish I hope) or to take along on vacation.

That's it for now, see you next time (that could take a book or nine, so be patient).

Happy painting and gaming!!!

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