woensdag 11 februari 2015

Paint Table Saturday 5 - Back to the Paintbrush

I know, I know, nowhere near Saturday, but the picture was taken on that day... so technically it still counts. I was quite surprised to see how long ago I posted the previous update, surprising to see how long my latest painting dry spell lasted this time. But a week or two ago I started prepping some more GHQ tanks and got stuck in again. Also the missing Pz IVD hulls showed up with order number two for my Barbarossa project.

 Between taking this picture and finally posting it here, The Pz IVDs are finished, the KV-85s only need flocking and the T-34s and the two Heroics and Ross armoured cars have moved to the varnishing stage. That leaves me with the detailing (mostly the crew and passengers) of my Barbarossa halftracks.
Meanwhile the pressure is on for my next Flames of War game, I only need to paint 7 to 9 more 15mm tanks in slightly over three weeks. I'm going for no bare metal/resin/plastic or undercoat showing... A man's got to know his limitations as Harry Calahan once said :-)

Happy painting and gaming!

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