zaterdag 22 november 2014

Barbarossa 1 - A False Start

You might remember my Crisis promise not to walk out of there with some new army or period tucked under my arm??? And how I actually kept it???

Getting the Flames of War Barbarossa book at Crisis inevitably led me down this path. Early WW2 always appealed to me more than late war with all its heavy armour, buth with my club mates all being caught by big cat fever (aka Tiger syndrome) the most likely way to play early war is by going solo.

Rather odd piece of cover art for a book about the German assault on Russia. Putin's propaganda division at work?
With a rather extensive Russian 6mm collection all I needed was a German force. But to avoid getting bogged down I came up with a few rules for this new army:
Keep the cost downWhile GHQ makes the best miniatures on the market, they are rather pricey. A single blister costs 7 pounds at Magister Militum (my most likely source for GHQ) so I decided to look elsewhere and ended up with Heroics and Ross.
Every order will be at most for the price of a single GHQ blister, shipping included! So with a £2 minimum shipping charge that leaves me with £5 to order.

No new order before the previous one is finished
With small orders like this, I should be able to keep myself interested without being overwhelmed.

For my first order I tried to build an army that was legal within the rules and contained as few models as possible for the most points possible... The "mittlere panzerkompanie" list was the way to go.
With a CO and 2iC and two three tank PzIVE platoons I met all those demands for only £3.20... so I added a recovery vehicle just to fill out the Company command slot and a Stuka for some air support. Depending on the level of air support this gives me an army from 1310 to 1375 points.
Even now I still had 50p left so I ordered some infantry command figures in anticipation of the next order (where I will be adding some infantry support to the panzers).

This week my first order arrived, so say hi to my newest army...

Top row: CO, 2iC and attached recovery vehicle
Center row: 1st and 2nd platoon (all tanks PzIV, bit hard to see right now)
Bottom row: Stuka and infantry command
While it never was going to be an impressive start, having Heroics and Ross making a slight packing error with my order turned this into the most underwhelming new army ever... Must have been a funny sight to see me checking and rechecking that tiny envelope to see if I somehow managed to look over eight tank hulls :-)

Happy painting and gaming!

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  1. I like your approach to the new army, even if H&R did give you the late war super-camouflaged versions of the hulls instead. I hope they sort that issue out quickly. I have never been much good at buying in small lots because I always feel that I have to get maximum value from the postage cost too, which means larger orders as long as they stay in the same postage bracket. Anyway, good luck with getting these guys painted and buying the next set. I may have to try this approach myself when I have cleared out more of my Unpainted Lead Pile.


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