zaterdag 22 november 2014

Paint Table Saturday 2

Back again after only one week??? Didn't really expect that myself...
Just one little problem with that, how to keep you guys entertained with my glacial pace of progress. Really, go google for a webcam observing a real life glacier if you want to see some fast paced action :-)

I did finish a few things that were stuck on the table for a while now, the GHQ M3 scout cars are now done as are the 15mm FoW Russians. The two objective markers are also completed so for this week the unpainted pile goes down by 11 items while going up by 8 for new arrivals from my Barbarossa project, meaning I'm at -3 for the week (only thanks to Heroics and Ross making a packing error on my order).

Trying to keep the table empty and staying focused
For the coming week: get stuck in to the Barbarossa Germans, get rid of those Kuebelwagens and get Scooby done (maybe Shaggy too)

Happy painting and gaming and till next time!

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