zaterdag 15 november 2014

Paint Table Saturday

Welcome to the first of what will most likely be a highly irregular view of my paint table... Yet another testament to my ongoing OSPD (Ooh Shiny Personality Disorder).

Rather than continueing and (heaven forbid) finishing the handful of GHQ vehicles and 15 mm FoW that were on my table before Crisis came along two weeks ago, I had to drop everything and dive into the new toys... Good thing I didn't buy all that much for once :-)

So two weeks later nothing happened with the GHQ and FoW but I nearly finished constructing the 16 plastic vehicles I picked up at the bring and buy... Once the schwimwagens and the StuG IIIB are finished all that is left is the 251/10. And then I can return to painting, something that I have hardly gotten to in the past two weeks.
Pretty much all I did on that front was starting on Scooby and the gang, slapping some Panzergrau on a few vehicles and work on a couple of objective bases for FoW that I made with some drums and cans that were included with one of those plastic kits.

Till next week time (that looks more realistic)

Happy gaming and painting!!!

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