dinsdag 1 januari 2013

Everybody Else is Doing it - the Year in Review

2012 in General

While real life was pretty crappy last year and has been draining away a lot of energy, I seem to have problems remembering most of the first part of last year. Only about the last quarter or so I have kept solid records. The main trends for the whole year are something like this:

- Not a lot games played, mostly confined to Dwarf's King Hold and 6mm Flames of War.
- "Normal" purchasing went down and was much more planned (exit butterfly syndrome???).
- Still spent a lot of cash on the two Mantic Kickstarters though :-)
- Started a huge project: my 3D dungeon
- And stuck with it!!!
- A burst of painting activity during the last months of the year.

Looks like the Crisis show at the start of November got the juices flowing a bit again and since then I have managed to finish painting about 45 15mm and 90 6mm Russians for my FoW armies in those scales. For me that is a blistering pace :-)
And even with the arrival last month of the Dreadball Kickstarter (52 figures) I managed, I guess for the first time ever, to end December with more figures painted than have arrived! Yes you are allowed to gasp for air and look shocked.

Outlook for 2013

Now that I seem to have the "butterfly" and "oooh shiny" problems under control, the time is ripe to keep chipping away at my unpainted mountain and finish a few projects.

- The dungeon project is nearing the home stretch, a few tiles need a second coat of paint, but most are done and waiting for the last coats of varnish.

- Continue painting 6mm Russians so I can finally come to the table with a fully painted army, with all options covered. I hope to do this during the next month or two and this would also mean that most of my Crisis purchases will be finished in what can only be called record time.

- Get Dreadball up and running, Veermyn seem to be first.

- Paint some more 15mm Russians/Afrika Korps/Brigade Piron (Belgians 1944), but more as a diversion from the main projects, just to keep fresh.

Happy gaming (and painting) in 2013

4 opmerkingen:

  1. Happy New Year, and I wish your painting well.

    1. All the best for you as well, and thanks for joining my blog.

  2. Looking forward to what you've got planned this year, happy new year!

    1. Thanks and a happy and productive gaming year to you!


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