vrijdag 11 januari 2013

The Week in Review - Week 1

This post has spent waaaay too much time as a concept, waiting for some pictures to be taken and added. Better luck next week, you'll have to enjoy this post in all its plain text glory...

The week was a short one but still rather productive. Here's what I've been up to:

- Finished two 15mm 45mm (huh, confused?) AT guns
- Started AND finished two command and two observer stands in 6mm
- Started the first half of a 120mm mortar battery in 6mm
- Started to finish the first of my15mm Zvezda truck after months spent in limbo on a corner of my painting table
- Put on the last coat of varnish on a few dungeon tiles

Plans for the coming week(s):

- Keep working on the 120mm and then 82mm mortar batteries in 6mm
- Add the final touches to some 6mm tanks
- Dungeon tiles
- Finish the truck and get started on the other 15mm ZIS trucks

I have no idea what has happened to me, this seems to be a period of never before seen dedication and focus to a very limited part of my collection. Even more amazing is that I keep working on what I bought at the Crisis show two months ago. Rather than throwing it on the unpainted pile as previous years... an unpainted pile that is actually shrinking right now!!!
I guess that Maya calendar thingy was all about me: the end of the buying era and the start of the painting era :-)

Happy gaming and painting everyone!

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