maandag 6 juli 2009

New: the one hour rule

As of today I'll be implementing a new rule: I will spend at least one hour each day on painting miniatures. By forcing myself to get a minimum of painting done I want to speed up my production.

I've been keeping track of today's work and after clocking up 45 minutes I have to come one conclusion: I am one slow painter! But by the end of the week I hope to have at least a few of my Bloodbowl players with a coat of varnish on them for next Saturdays BB tournament.

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Good luck with the one hour rule. It sounds like a great way of pushing forward on production. Eli Arndt over on I See Lead People ( decided to spend time every day on the hobby but he chose to average the time over the course of a week. That might be a good way to proceed if you find yourself short of time. I look forward to seeing how much it helps your progress.

  2. It worked for me yesterday, but I had to push it to get to the full hour. The reason. There was a double bill of a tv series on that I didn't want to miss. Now I crammed in my hour of painting instead of most likely not getting to it at all.


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