woensdag 1 juli 2009

Heresy! and a quick update

Today was the first day of my summer Wednesdays off and I've been putting it to good use just relaxing.... and also painting a bit. I can now add another three zombies to the horde and I am now over half way through.

Between painting I also did something that can only be described as an act of utter heresy: I threw away some figures! Yes, I threw them away, I didn't sell them on ebay or a bring and buy... No, in the bin with them. The ultimate way to get rid of the unpainted pile...

OK, so it's not as bad as it sounds. I was cutting the figures from the sprues from a couple of boxes of Hatt Gallic command to save on space in my cupboards when I was confronted with what are about the most useless figures ever in a box of plastic figures. Druids! Every sprue carries two druids meaning I ended up with twelve of those guys. I kept two to possibly add to a FoG camp, but the others got binned. Ten figures less to do...

On the other hand ther will be forty other here pretty soon. I put in my order for the Wargames Illustrated subscription this morning and my Nappy Brits should be on their way to me by now. Given the speed that my buddy got his (order on Sunday from the UK, in the mailbax in Belgium on Tuesday) that should be taken literally.

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