donderdag 9 juli 2009

Crunching Numbers

Over the past few days the Monica Geller inside me showed up again and I started making a list. Monica just likes making lists...

A few days later and a lot of checking of my lead pile ,previous blog posts and my paypal account I found that for the year to date I purchased 380 miniatures. This ranges from the Perry American farmhouse (which is counted as one figure) through the small pig in the Pegasus box of farm animals up to the single 6mm figure from GHQ.

Opposed to this are 78 figures that are now removed from the unpainted pile. Most of those (63) because I finished painting them (a record year, and it is not finished yet), others never really entered the pile as they were bought painted at a bring and buy and some (remember the druids from a few posts back) were thrown out.

In other words, I've dealt with only 20,53% of my purchases for the year. This number must go way up! By keeping to the buy less credo on the one hand, I have nothing planned to buy until Crisis in November other than the figures that come with the Wargames Illustrated subscription and the blister of GHQ infantry that is being ordered about now. On the other hand there is the paint more part...

With the Bloodbowl team nearing completion for this Saturday's game, I can go back to finishing the zombies and starting painting my 6mm infantry. Those last ones will rapidly drive up the percentage.

If only I could end up with more than 100% by the end of the year. That would be a real achievement...

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