woensdag 15 juli 2009

July half time report

This month is looking pretty good. I've been painting a lot and I didn't have any trouble with my new "one hour each day" rule. OK, so I missed one day, but thanks to the crappy summer programming on the TV, I've more than made up for that lost hour.

I'm literally hours away from finishing my Bloodbowl team, the BKC infantry bases I'm working on only need a little more work and should leave the table this week as well. So it's back to the zombies then (I still want to get through them by the end of the month) and more 15mm Russians. I'm in the process ofcleaning up three more 9 man squads and the first one ought to be on the painting table by the weekend.

Because of all kinds of unforeseen things happening it now looks that I'll be adding no new figures to my collection. Instead I'll be adding to my percentage of figures painted vs figures bought quite rapidly. Not to mention that I this year might end up with a decrease of my stockpile!

While I was checking my historical figures to look at what I might start on next, I came across a few boxes and bags that struck me as "this isn't going to happen". I'm working on those 15mm Russians for skirmish gaming, so what am I going to do with those 1/72 plastic figures? So out they go, waiting for the Crisis bring and buy stand. Same for the 10mm Carthaginian army for warmaster ancients. I still have a Corvus Belly 15mm DBA army and hundreds of 1/72 (Field of Glory?) stashed. If I keep my buying at current levels I will end up with a slight decrease of my collection.

Keep tuned for a Bloodbowl team picture, coming soon to a computer screen near you!

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  1. I look forward to seeing your progress, and I hope the unforeseen circumstances are not too serious. I wish my own lead pile looked smaller. I am sure it must be, but it does not feel as though it is yet.

  2. Nothing serious at all. When I ordered the WI subscription I found out my card was blocked by the bank because of suspected fraudulent (attempted) use of my card. I'm now waiting for a replacement. And the guy who was going to order the GHQ figs had to abroad for the job unexpectedly.


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