woensdag 7 januari 2009

Less, More, More Meets Real Life

With the holiday season over it is back to work. And the painting is slowing down rather a lot. I'm still doing a lot more than I used to over the last years, so it's not all doom and gloom. I'm just concentrating on a few figures now instead of spreading the effort over a lot of them. This way I still see things happening and that keeps me motivated.

When I'm finished typing this post I'll slap on a coat of varnish on a pile of crates, another piece of scenery completed. And the two Uruk Hai I've started for this Friday's game are steadily advancing too and should be completely done tomorrow night.

And by now, I should also have bought my first figure for the year. My gaming buddy was dropping by a plastic model kit store that has the Zvezda Ring of Rule figures in stock, at a discount. I asked him to look out for a troll, at the monstrous price of four Euro. I had been thinking about a LotR Mordor troll to bolster my Uruk Hai SBH warband, but when Stef called yesterday to point me to the Zvezda sale, I just had to stick to my "less spending" mantra. Pictures of the sprues (and the model after construction) will be posted during the weekend.

Back to the painting desk, stay tuned!

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