maandag 5 januari 2009

LMM - update

Painting continues at a good pace. After yesterday's SBH playtest I was able to finish five more items, three Perry ACW infantry and two pieces of scenery from one of GW's Lords of the Rings boxed games. And today I finally ot the last licks of paint on the Wargames Foundry cop that has been on my desk, nearly completely painted, for several years. Years! I kid you not. Now I'll have to dig up his collegues for a game of Chain Reaction or All things Zombie. One of them is a fat cop eating a slice of pizza, I'll have to do some research on colour schemes for the different toppings ;-)

Still way too cold for spraypainting though and that won't change for at least a week. Shiny finishes untill then of course.

Under my two finished, one out of storage policy I've dived into my closets (yes, plural) and took out two Uruk Hai and a piece of scenery. The Uruk Hai will be joining next Friday's game, but I'm not stuck on finishing them by that day. I'm happy with a mostly painted figure for the moment. I haven't arrived at the point where I'm able to field a completely painted force, even for a small skirmish game. Not yet. But by the game after this Friday's, that should be reality though.

Stay tuned!

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