zaterdag 26 december 2015

Paint Table Saturday 13: Les Boches sont là!

After skipping a week because, well, there was nothing to report, I'm back with some real progress. The first week of my vacation wass all but productive on the hobby front: I painted pretty much nothing, blogged nothing, barely read anything games related... where did that week go and what did I do with it???

And then week 2 began! Now, a few days later, two thirds of my French infantry is painted and has moved to the varnishing stage, the remaining third needs only a few more details to be done and should be finished ome time tomorrow.

I've been googling my vehicles to pick out some camouflage patterns, though I wonder in what part of France that Somua's camo would actually work. They'll all need some heavy drybrushing to tone them down... tone them down a lot.
I started cleaning up the first of my PSC early war Germans and here they are, waiting very impatiently for their turn. So, not only will I finish one project/force in a mindblowing short period, I will start the opposing force right after it... I must be dreaming...
Just don't get sidetracked by those pesky kids :-)

Happy painting and gaming!!!

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