dinsdag 29 december 2015

Most Wonderful Days 12 and 13

Quite the jump, going from day 1 to 12 in one leap. But to be honest, the first week of my time off was mostly spent hanging around, catching up on some chores, emptying the hard drive of my digital tv decoder and going for some walks in the forest, enjoying the ridiculously good weather.
The amount of painting and reading rules and other gaming related activities was too small to make a blog post worth the effort. And when I got back into action on day 8, it would have just been "painting my French troops", "painting my French troops", "still painting my French troops" for days on end... I just kept that for the paint table post.

Meanwhile I was cuting into my painting and gaming by dipping into my SF collection and rereading Jack Vance's Night Lamp... Doing stuff like that doesn't just eat up time, but the Gaean Reach background where several of Vance's stories are based only leads to thinking about a Traveller version of that leading to pondering 15mm SF gaming leading to ogling the different sales announced on TMP leading to "must resist temptation"... 

But I might just be able to resist those dark urges, mostly because I might be spending my money on old books. I must have come across a mention of the Fighting Fantasy books recently, making me dig out the 10 book edition I picked up a year ago or so on ebay.
So now I'm fighting my way through Firetop Mountain again. I was pretty lucky when rolling up my character, getting the maximum skill score and all but 1 of the possible stamina points. To compensate the character then rolled pretty low for his own luck. But with those scores you don't want to be lucky enough to sneak past someone, you just want to go and bury your sword in its skull :-)
Now all that made me look up how many FF books there are... leading to a possible outbreak of "Pokemon Syndrome" (gotta catch'em all). Only 49 more books to find... Here we go again.
Less money to add to Mount Plastic and Lead Hill though, the idea might have some advantages.

Possibly one of the reasons I have been painting that much over the last few days was that my HWK-290 didn't arrive before christmas. I needed this X-wing model to play several of the scenarios in the Heroes of the Aturi Cluster Solo/Co-op campaign. I have yet to play it, but it looks like a great fan made product and being free, you can't go wrong.
But first things first, where's that warlock hiding?

Happy painting and gaming!!!

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  1. Ludo, ik heb er zeker twee FF misschien vier originele eerste edities...
    Hoe gaat het, lang geleden hé



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