zondag 14 december 2014

Paint Table Saturday 4 - Project completed!!!

Last week I didn't post an update because well, there really wasn't anything to write about. I spent the rest of the weekend working on my dungeon tiles, but come monday I just couldn't find the motivation to paint any more... And it stayed like that for the rest of the week. This week was only slightly better, but with one great result!

Yes, that's a gaping hole on the scenery line now!
I finally finished a project! Almost three years after the first mention of my 3D dungeon, the last tile for Dwarf King's Hold got its last coat of varnish and moved to join the rest of the tile set...

One dungeon, done and done :-)
 So what now? Back to 6mm Russians... after last week's game at the club I did some tweaking of my army list and now I have a few new platoons to paint. Some SU122s, AA half tracks and another scout car.

Happy gaming and painting!

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