dinsdag 22 januari 2013

Week in Review 3: Where Do I Go From Here?

A rather nice week: after a short pause last week I finished the first half of the 120mm mortar battery in 6mm, the 15mm ZIS truck and several dungeon tiles and walls.

The Drakon riders are almost cleaned up and ready to be assembled. I'll be painting those as a diversion from the rather drab monotony of putting together a Russian army and varnishing a sprawling dungeon complex.

Because that dungeon is still a hard hat area, my friend and I had to use the carboard version for our game of Dwarf King's Hold at last Friday's club night. First game of the year, and I hope the first of many, and certainly more than last year.

A Forward Detachment in 15mm

Between writing the concept for this post and the photoshoot I started on the last of the infantry and their second truck, only the Commander's M3 is still missing (delivery is rumoured to be next month)

Over the last few months I have been painting some 15mm Russian figures without any real direction. Meaning I'm still not getting anywhere when it comes to a real army list. So time to sit down and plan my moves for the coming weeks and months.

I'l be using the Forward Detachment PDF army list that used to be on the Battlefront website. Did they remove it to put into the Red Bear book? Doesn't matter, it's on the hard drive anyway.
I've taken this list because although it is rated as a tank company, it is a mixed force of armour and infantry. That way I don't have to paint either a lot of tanks or infantry just to cover the two troop choices. Let's see what I need to get the minimal army list requierments:

Battalion Commander: two infantry command stands with vehicles or one tank and an infantry stand with a vehicle. I already have one command stand finished and to with two boxes of Plastic Soldier Company T34s half done, I'll be going for option two. It will also add more points, not to mention firepower to the basic list. So all I need here is a ride for the one infantry stand. I'll have to buy that.

First Company: minimum of five tanks. That'll be 5 T43/85. Got those, just need to finish them

Second Company: a minimum of a command stand and a platoon of 7 bases. The command stand is ready as are 4 bases. That leaves me with three more to paint, I'm not going to be bothered by the fact that they're a mixture of rifle and SMG teams. At the start of a battle I can always make clear what kind of a platoon they represent. And the optional two trucks as transport are pretty much covered: one is ready to roll and I have 4 more fully built.

In short, I need to paint 3 bases of infantry, 6 T34s, one truck and one M3 scout car. And only the scout car has to be bought.

Looks like a plan!

Happy gaming and painting, see you soon!

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