donderdag 17 januari 2013

Off to the Front With You, Chaps!!!

After many years spent in a dark cupboard, the time has come for my skirmish sized force of WWI Brits from GreatWar Miniatures to be sent off to the front line and see some combat action in a not too far off future. And no, I'm not getting sidetracked (again), nor did I tire from painting an overdose of WWII Russians...

Trench raiders - Lewis gunners - Command - Riflemen - Trench mortar - Bombers
(Lesson learnt: take pics by daylight)
In a win-win-win-win-win-win situation, these chaps are leaving my collection to join my friend's one, where they will get all the paint and maybe even some flock (haha) they deserve, possibly even before the leaves fall (this year). So what are all those wins about?

-My unpainted pile drops by 40 figures.
-I don't have to spend any money on club fees this year, my friend will pay that for the figures.
-The figures will get painted.
-I'll still get to play with them.
-Somebody else will store them for me between battles

Should have thought about that ages ago :-)

Happy gaming and painting

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