dinsdag 10 augustus 2010

What's this? A blog? And it's mine?

What's this hiding beneath all those cobwebs and dust? That's right, I have a blog, nearly forgot about it. Well, not really... My friend has been bugging me constantly with "I've looked at your blog but..."

Like pretty much everything else wargames related other than the occasional club night, my blog went into a belated period of hibernation. But a few weeks ago, I felt the itch coming back. And of all things it was the latest edition of Warhammer that started it all (yes, I do feel dirty...)
After running into the "Beasts of War" youtube channel and watching a feature length review (was it 90 minutes?) I felt like dusting off my High Elf army. By now, however, I started a new army...

On that youtube channel I also ran into reviews of figures produced by Mantic Games. Further investigation into the matter led me to their site and blog and I was astounded to find goodlooking and cheap fantasy figures. I liked their mission statement and communication from the word go and after a quick look on Maelstrom, I ordered a box of their skeletons.... 20 of them for less than 13 Euro!!!

I've started putting them together as a lunchtime project and have come up with this after about a week

In all stages as they roll onto the painting line, more suited for my stile of working, I just can't get started on doing 10 tunics in a row. Way to monotonous for me and I'll lose interest soon. They paint up pretty nice without spending too much time on them, just a few basic colours and some GW washes and this is what you'll get (95% finished)

I'll be doing this as a bitesize project, with Maelstrom's very low free shipping threshold, I can order just one box at a time... rather than flooding myself with an army deal (even that would be cheaper).

Oh, and did I mention that in two months they'll be releasing their own rules in two months? And that they will be free? For ever and ever? Move over EE, errm GW...
Just heard the free for ever promise made by the founder of Mantic on a Gencon special podcast.

Hope to show and tell you more in the near future,
Happy gaming!

4 opmerkingen:

  1. I'd given up on you...well, the blogging part at least. Hey, how come "The Chronicles" don't figure in your blog list...shame on you, triple shame...
    Good luck with your new venture.


  2. Nice painted figures Ludo!

    PS: the world is small ;-)



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