maandag 3 augustus 2009

July Lookback

In one word: great! I met the "Less, More, More" program requirements with great ease last month.

Spend less: what can I say, I can never do better than July. I spent absolutely nothing on figures, supplies, magazines or rules... OK, I went into town last Saturday and broke the dry spell (magazines, paint and brushes only though).

Paint more: I'm keeping the production going slowly but steadily with a bit of a slowdown near the end of the month. But that I can blame on one of my buddies who is moving into a new place and needs a bit of help with transporting stuff etc... and who rewards the effort with a couple of beers. 'nough said, I guess? I finished a few zombies and streetfight scenery, my Bloodbowl team, some infantry stands for BKC and several squads of 15mm Russians for WW2. I'm starting to chip away at the unpainted pile...

Play more: Even though the club was closed for the last half of the month I played two games. The first was a tryout of Ganesha's new Fear and Faith rules. We'll have to look into that a bit more, the zombies just don't want to die... did we do something wrong? The second game was (shudders while remembering) WH40K. A new kid came along at the club and with the resident 40K crowd being absent I offered to show him the basics of the game. This forced me to read the last edition again and at that point I remembered why I put it aside after glancing through it when it came out. Afterwards I dug up the Rogue Trader era books again... resulting in me digging up my squats and going through the army list... They are now safely back in the closet, awaiting better days.

And August? I've got the Russian HMG and mortar teams left to finish and three tanks to do for my World at War force and then I'll keep doing Russians, dropping a few scales to add more infantry to my BKC force.

Stay tuned!

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