woensdag 15 juli 2009

Insane Ramblings...

The human mind is something fascinating. I often wonder how I get from a normal thought to whatever I end up with. While going through my collection of unpainted lead looking for stuff to get rid of, I ended up picking out a few figures for a quick fix in between other paint jobs.

First was Mr T. But, hey, Foundry calls them the B-team for obvious copyright reasons, right? So I guess I have to call him Mr U? And how would the others be called? Over the coming weeks you'll see some guest appearances on this blog by Mr U at first, later followed by Scipio, Assman and Very normal Murdoch...

I also picked Britannia's Afghan insurgent leaders and started thinking about scenario's in some Farawayistan country. But then I was looking for a better name, be honest, Farawayistan isn't the catchiest name around. So I ended up with Ookerzistan. Didn't get it? Reed again slowly: Oo-kerz-istan... Then I realized something, the generic Middle Eastern government forces (by Combat Miniatures) that I also have tucked away, would be called in NATO-speak the Ookerzistan Armed Forces. OAFs for short.

Here you have a glimpse into the workings of my brain while cleaning up mould lines. Is this what they cal lead rot?

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  1. Sounds a bit like how my mind works. Staying focused on my monthly projects is really hard, because I keep getting interested in other things mid-way through.


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