zondag 11 januari 2009

Less, More, More Painting Update

Not a bad harvest for the week, given that going back to work has slowed me down a bit. I continue working ever so slowly on my ACW Union Army as my long term painting project. I also finished a couple of Uruk Hai for my SBH game (more about that in another post). And my scenery collection expanded as well.

These are the new additions to my painting table: three came out of storage and one from the shop. The Uruk Hai were also involved in last Fridays skirmish and don't need that much to get them completed. The woman is from the "Chicas Latinas" gang, produced by a German company, I'll have to check which one exactly. And then there is the massive (in volume, not weight) Zvezda Troll. I hope I'll finish those in the next few days, but as I feel my throat closing up I fear that I'll be coming down with a bout of the flu in the next few days... bug(ger)!

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