vrijdag 19 mei 2017

It Never Ends: Tank Madness Continues

Last time I was kinda happy that my "not going to Salute sale" order from QRF Miniatures hadn't arrived yet to add even more vehicles to the build pile... Well, they have now arrived. Not that those six are a major addition: three early British Cruiser version and two Russian light tanks to give me more options for early war Chain of Command or Bolt Action armies and a single post war Unimog (that AK47 itch needs some more scratching).

Unpainted Lead! Bring out your Unpainted Lead!

However (there always is an however, isn't there?) this month they join my wargamer's version of the Easter egg hunt as I was looking for the rest of my unbuilt tank collection. I dug up 39!!!! more tanks and other vehicles, a mixture of mainly Zvezda, the early war Germans from a previous QRF sale and a few Battlefronts, Plastic Soldier Company and some Peter Pig.
There is no way in Hell I will come close to finishing all these by the end of the month... the first nice days of the year means time lost to the garden and my trip to Normandy in a good week will cut into construction too.

Does not include my DAK vehicles and some more Soviet armour.

And that is before I even mention this months purchases. You weren't seriously thinking that was going to be it for May? Living on older orders and the backlog? Silly, silly people :-)
No, I found out that the guy who sold me a bunch of Zvezda on Ebay a few weeks ago, offered the exact same ones... So what else is there to do in that case? You write him, asking for a list of what more he has stored and then buy the whole bunch... Luckily I was able to pass on the overdose of early StuGs and a KV2 to some fellow club members, leaving me with just 24 of the 29 vehicles I bought...
And as a slight distraction from all those 15mm tanks? 28mm tanks, what else? Yes, I went for the Warlord Games Heels of Steel deal, 3 tanks for £40... you gotta spend money to save money, right?

What was I thinking?

Getting ready for 1 to 1 scale Blitzkrieg?

Anyway, happy painting, gaming (and building model kits)!

See you soon! *

* Does in no way, shape or form guarantee that you will actually get to see another blog post soon(ish)... two in two weeks is just a fluke, not a well thought out plan :-)


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